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Party Games for a Crowd


Party Games for a Crowd

Jennifer Fox

You know what they say, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb". It's cold, sometimes snowy and people are still in hibernation mode. But that's the perfect reason throw an intimate and cozy soirée or dinner party! Tempt your friends to brave the end of winter weather with a fun and festive game night chez vous. To make the ambiance have a warm and fuzzy feel, light some of candles, have plenty of fluffy blankets on hand for your guests to cuddle up with and of course, keep the wine flowing. Here are some super fun party games!

1. Cards Against Humanity- This naughty card games is known as "a party game for horrible people". That being said, yes, it can be quite politically incorrect, but with the right crowd, laughter will ensue the whole night long!

2. Who Am I- This is another great party game for a crowd. *Word of advice, make sure to play this game before your guests have too much to drink and forget which questions they've already asked!

3. Time's Up - Also know as "Celebrity Guessing Game", with the concept being very similar to "Charades", "Time's Up" is probably my favorite! It's funny and interactive and will keep your guests smiling through out the evening.

4. Loups-Garou - Meaning "Werewolves" in English, this fun crowd pleaser and is perfect for a large group of people.

5. Slip It In - This quirky party game gets people to think on their toes. Each guest receives a phrase that they must attempt to "slip" into casual conversation without someone realizing!

Bisous, Avec