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To Do: Life Goals


To Do: Life Goals

Jennifer Fox

Happy Monday! This summer has been a whirlwind adventure for me! I was in the states for one. I traveled to the west coast to visit friends and family, freelance event managed, planned and designed a good friend's bridal shower and wedding, organized a chic NYC bon voyage soirée, got to meet and connect with many talented NJ/NYC wedding industry professionals and organized a fabulous Elegant Vintage Barn Styled Shoot {blog post coming your way soon, yay!!}. All the while managing to reevaluate my health and lifestyle goals, in turn losing 10lbs! I'd say my summer was pretty eventful! Even though I enjoyed a spectacular summer, I must be honest, September is one of my favorite times of year to be in France. It's la rentrée! Summer is over, people are rested and rejuvenated from their holidays and there is a certain energy in the air. It's as if people have been granted a fresh start to the year and are raring to go.

For me, I totally relate to this feeling. I have always preferred to view September as the beginning of my year. So much so that, I tend to make my new years resolutions in September! Call me crazy, but it gives way to a clear picture of how I see my year and it takes the pressure off of the month of January.

I find it best in both business and personal endeavors alike to set short and long term goals. When I have direction in my personal and professional life, I find that I can focus my time constructively, with energy and purpose. I have already started my list of these exciting, fun and important goals. Some more fun than others but all of them important none the less. I keep them visible to me on a daily basis and constantly check in so that I keep myself on track. If you are on a similar path you can relate. For those of you who have just gotten started on a new venture, project or mission and may be feeling a bit discouraged, don't worry, it happens to the best of us! Self motivation is a big challenge and for those people who disagree, they are lying, ha! I find it helpful to have either an affirmation, or whatever type of encouraging quote that speaks to you, on your iPhone alarm. That way you have that extra push to get out of bed in the morning and be the best you you can be. Be your own cheer leader!

Every now and I again, I will be sharing my accomplished {and ongoing} short and long term goals and I would love it if you would share yours with me. It's always humbling knowing that we are not alone on our paths to personal and professional betterment.

Until our next "check in" on this topic, I say à bientôt and bon courage!

Bisous, Avec