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To Do: Life Goals #2


To Do: Life Goals #2

Jennifer Fox

Happy 2016, it's time for a "check in"! If you recall, I started a blog post series "To Do: Life Goals" back in September 2015 where I talked about setting short and long goals, heading in a clear direction and maintaining motivation. Even though we are just a few weeks in, 2016 has started already off on a high note! But before I talk about these past few weeks, let's just do a small recap of the last few months of 2015. In the past few months, living in Paris has certainly had it's ups and downs. In the month of November, Paris suffered its most significant terrorist attack in its history. Ordinary people, like you and me, were enjoying life in bars and cafés, at sporting events and concert halls when their lives were cut short. The City of Light was for a brief moment dark. We were scared, shocked and the city was put in a state of emergency. I can understand how at the time, such a horrific and tragic event can cause people to view Paris as unsafe. I can tell you with much certainty, that I feel safe here. The city of Paris and the country of France will never lose its beauty or strength.

Having said all that, let's talk about some past ups! I have been meeting with some fabulous people and have toured some fabulous Paris hotels, châteaux, mansions and restaurants all over the city and have made some incredible additions to Avec Weddings & Events' vendor and venue list! Now, when you make contact for wedding and event planning services, I can provide you with even more top of the line vendors and exquisite venues!

Now that the past is past, let's focus on the future. I choose to focus on the strengths and good moments of the past to motivate my future. Yes, it is much easier to retreat and dwell on the not so good moments but that doesn't do anyone any good. It is better to push forward and build bridges.

At the moment I am focusing on an exciting project that I will be able to share with you in a few months! Through this project, I get to work with the best of the best that the Paris wedding planning scene has to offer. It is such an amazing feeling to collaborate with fellow wedding industry peeps who share the same passion, work ethic and focus as I have. I choose to surround myself with people who share these same qualities as I find that we push each other in a good way. Word of advice for both business and personal life: surround yourself with people who see your worth, who are encouraging and who listen and you will come out on top! And that ladies and gentlemen, is my advice for 2016.

Until our next "check in"!

Bisous, Avec