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Curating Your Destination Wedding in France

Jennifer Fox

One question I often get from brides and grooms alike is how do I curate their destination wedding in France? One of the many perks of being a wedding planner in France is getting to know my couples on a personal level and creating a one of a kind experience for them based on their love story.

Avec Weddings & Events Destination Wedding in France Luxury Wedding Planner in France, Paris

First thing's first, I get to know you as a couple. How did you meet? How and where was your proposal? What are your likes/dislikes? Why did you choose to elope to Paris or choose to have a wedding in France? Is food important to you? Is your wedding style more traditional, rustic, contemporary, glam or minimal? What about your chosen wedding region do you love? If you're celebrating with many people, what kind of experience do you want them to take away?

I say "experience" because France is unlike any other country in the world! Your destination wedding should be an experience like no other!

Depending on where you choose to marry in France, I find it fun to choose elements that represent the region. Stick with the theme if you will! For instance, if you choose to marry in Normandy in autumn, maybe incorporate apples in your wedding décor or mini bottles of Calvados since this region is known for cider. Or, if you choose to marry in Provence in the summer and you are more of a "gourmande", it may be fun to choose an olive theme. Go with a fun olive oil tasting in an olive grove for your guests to enjoy at your welcome dinner. It's these signature touches that will make your celebration so memorable... it's all about the details!

I prefer not to have package options since each couple's needs and wedding vision is different. It is easy to say that no two weddings are alike, nor should they be. However, I cannot reiterate enough that what may be right for one couple may not be right for you. I help guide my couples towards specific vendors based on their tastes and preferences so that I may provide them with the ultimate service, care and wedding planning experience. 

In theory, it's simple. To be able to curate this experience is truly meaningful and special to me. I know this may seem like a simple answer but I just love making people happy! At the heart of it, it is such a fulfilling role to be able to be part of creating one of the happiest days of a couple's life. I fell in love with France, and I understand how magical this country is. It is all encompassing romance that lends itself beautifully to a couple's love story. 

If you are planning your destination wedding in France, get in touch!

Bisous, Avec

Photograph by Jacqui Cole Photography