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To Do: Life Goals #3

Jennifer Fox

Salut to all you lovely readers!

It's been a while since our last check in and boy have I been busy! The theme of my third check in is take as much time as you want when it comes to making important choices. Whether it be choosing your wedding party, choosing the best region of France to celebrate your fête that best represents you and your spouse to be, buying a home, choosing the best preschool for your child or even dealing with a break up {on a not so pleasant note}, take as much time as you need! It is very easy for other people to tell us to "hurry up", "move it along", "get over it already"! But in the end, WE are in charge of our own lives and feelings and what is right for one person may not be right for another. So my advice to you is, take as much time as you need.

So, having said all that, let's begin with a recap. The months of April and May have proven to be packed with fun, creative and important projects. Let's kick off with the month of April. They say "April showers bring May flowers" and boy, had that been an understatement... but in a good way! April was dedicated to our website rebrand. If anyone was been down this road before or has been through the process of rebranding, you know it is all encompassing. I spent many a night researching logo inspiration, hex codes for different text colors, deconstructed calligraphy styles, website hosting sites, graphic artists and web designers. This all can seem overwhelming and believe me, at times I wanted to scream! I often times questioned {and requestioned} my choices... "Am I choosing the platform for work to be properly presented?", "What if my message doesn't come across to my future clients/couples?", "Am I over thinking and over analyzing EVERYTHING?!". That was when I called in a well experienced web designer and graphic artist to help me answer all of my hundred of questions and guide me toward choices that were best for me. My advice to you is to assemble a team who will support you, believe in your and your brand, who is dedicated to your project and who will help you to show off your work in the best light. For me, choosing my team took time, and this was my choice. Yes, with the right tools and budget, it is possible to create or rebrand a website over night but I chose to take my time and do my research to make sure that the choices I made clearly represented what I offer as a brand and as a professional event planner: simple elegance, tasteful luxury, romance with a French touch and stylish sophistication. 

As part of my website rebrand, I also had new head shots taken. I chose the beautiful, iconic gardens of Versailles as the backdrop of my head shots. It was important for me to find the perfect lieux to represent Avec Weddings & Events and where other than Versailles to show grace and refinement? The sun set shoot was laid back, beautiful and calm. I was surrounded by my good wedding industry friends/colleagues and the entire experience was fun filled, relaxed and magical. No rushing at all.

Also, in April, my February Paris Winter Style Shoot was featured in Style Me Pretty. To have my work be featured on such a prominent, respected and stylish website was a dream come true and was also one of my professional goals. The organization of the shoot took time. I wanted to curate the perfect Paris team of vendors with whom to collaborate. From choosing the photographer, models, dresses {yes, the shoot featured 2 stunning wedding gowns!} hair stylist and make up artist, florist, calligrapher, baker and venue as well as the materials and décor, I did not want to rush the process. Just goes to show, don't rush a good thing! Clearly, my patience paid off and everyone involved was happy with the outcome.

After the shoot was published, I was contacted by American fine art photographer Jacqui Cole to plan and style a Paris based fine art wedding styled shoot. I only had a week and a half in the middle of May to organize all of the details but I got it done! The collaboration was super fun and it gave me the opportunity to meet and work with new wedding vendors! I love it when I get to work with equally passionate wedding industry professionals on creative projects. Since Jacqui shoots on film, the images will take a bit longer to receive. But not a problem... these things take time ;) 

So, to sum up our "check in", good things come to those who wait {and work hard}! Commit to your projects, dedicate yourself to your work, personal life and love relationships and don't feel the need to rush. I am so excited to hear about what you all have been working on. Feel free to add your comments or PM me. Until next time... Au revoir

Bisous, Jennifer