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DIY Fine Art Wedding Bouquet | Wedding Design in France

Jennifer Fox

As a destination wedding planner in France and owner of Avec Weddings & Events, I always like to stay on top of the latest wedding design trends so that I can better assist my brides in their design making decisions. It is so important as a wedding planner and designer to always stay relevant when it comes to knowledge, style and design. One area that is very important and that is constantly evolving is floral design.

Wedding Planner in France Wedding Bouquet Fine Art Wedding Avec Weddings and Events

Lately I have noticed that brides are shying away from the more structured, round, formal wedding bouquets. Instead, they are opting for a more deconstructed, whimsical, organic, “freshly picked from the garden” type of floral style with varied blooms of different shapes and sizes and generous green foliage. 

This evolving trend is perfect for rustic, shabby chic and romantic fine art weddings alike. Think Provence, Dordogne, or anywhere in the French countryside! Also, it photographs beautifully when paired with long silk ribbons and set against a back drop of rolling hills, fields of lavender and olive groves. Although I tend to recommend this style of bouquet for a spring or summer wedding, depending on your floral choice, it will work for weddings in colder months as well.

When it came down learning more about this developing floral trend, I called on romantic haute couture Paris floral designer Estelle Preston Flowers for her incredible expertise and know how! Estelle came to “chez moi” for an impromptu girls afternoon {with some yummy snacks and a signature cocktail, of course!}. She taught me some of her tricks of the trade and gave me a step-by-step DIY instruction and tips on how to create my very own fine art wedding bouquet! All of the fun was captured beautifully by Catherine O’Hara Photography and was even featured on French Wedding Style Blog!

DIY Wedding Bouquet English Speaking Wedding Planner in France, Paris, Provence Avec Weddings & Events
  1. Choose your flowers and foliage. Some of the flowers that we used for our floral design class were garden roses, freesia, olive branches and peonies. {Tip: try mixing in bigger blooms that are sure to make a statement!}
  2. Strip and clean the stems of your flowers.
  3. One at a time, cross your flowers right over left while rotating clockwise. You should soon see a circular bouquet form taking shape, yay!
  4. When alternating your flowers and foliage, choose different heights. This will create that rounded, “freshly picked from the garden” look. {Tip: You can always take something out or trim something off later but you cannot add something in.}
  5. Once you’ve finished with your flowers, lay your bouquet down on a flat surface to tie your ribbon. Loop your ribbon around your bouquet twice to anchor it off before tying a knot.
  6. Put a pin in the center of your bouquet to secure. {Tip: When holding your bouquet, have the pin facing your center.}
  7. Trim off the ends of your bouquet and gently shake it out to loosen the blooms, creating a natural, organic look. Lightly tap the bottom of your bouquet on a flat surface. If it then stands up on its own, voila! You’ve created your beautiful garden bouquet!

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