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The Wedding Vendor Dream Team | French Wedding Vendors

Jennifer Fox

Let's talk wedding vendors! Putting together a personalized wedding vendor team is no easy feat, but it is one of my favorite things to do! For my wedding couples, I listen to their needs, take into account their design and taste in décor and I ask questions about  what type of mood or atmosphere they wish to present to their guests. After I have my answers, I look at all of my preferred vendors and mix and match the right group of people to create my couples' personalized wedding vendor dream team!

In choosing the right team, there are so many factors to consider: Which vendor will truly represent and highlight the personal qualities of the couple? What does the vendor include in their service that will benefit the couple's taste? Who will happily go the extra mile to make my clients' French wedding dreams come true and who works well on a team? Will their personality type mesh well with my couple? What styling supplies do they bring with them on the day of the wedding that my couple will be interested in or need? On wedding day I sincerely regard my preferred wedding vendors as family, as if we are all on the same team to provide an excellent service and experience. I treat each wedding as if it were my own and I get excited just the same!

Avec Weddings & Events Wedding Planner in Paris | English speaking wedding planner, Paris, France Provence Wedding in Paris Design and Planning Luxury Weddings in Paris Burgundy.jpg

I'm now in the process of confirming my own team of vendors for my wedding in France and the experience is very exciting! For me, many of the people that I work with are good friends of mine, so sharing this significant moment in my life with my "people"  makes it all the more special.

This shot was taken at the entrance of our {my fiancé, my team and myself} beautiful Burgundy wedding venue. I am super excited to start confirming my team and I cannot wait to enjoy a wonderful wedding day experience with my guests {near and far} and my team alike! 

Say hello and let me know how you envision your wedding in France... I'll be happy to put together your wedding vendor dream team!

Bisous, Avec